Things that Must be Considered when Touring

Things that Must be Considered when Touring

Traveling by motorbike is one way to enjoy a vacation. Besides ensuring physical, riding gear, and other equipment, you also need to check the condition of your motorbike before going riding. You don’t want your touring to be disturbed because the motorbike has a problem. what needs to be checked on the motorbike before going riding far? The following is the list.

Motorcycle exhaust

Touring hobbies out of town? Of course there are a number of special “rituals” that must be done. The ritual referred to here is self preparation and also the motorbike to be ready to drive far. For yourself, it is certain to have enough rest to be full of energy when starting riding. Well for motorbikes, there are lots to check. One of them is the exhaust.

Many motorcycle riders now use after-market exhausts that have a louder sound than standard exhausts. Before driving, first pay attention to whether you are passing through the area or city that has special rules regarding the exhaust? Because it could be that some regions / cities passed, have a ban on motorcycles that do not use standard exhausts. So make sure if you check this part first even though it is seen as a very trivial thing.

Motorcycle Cable

Motorcycle exhausts do depend on applicable local regulations, but there are motor parts that are definitely mandatory, must, and must be checked. The part is cable. It is impossible for a motorbike to have no cable, right? Whether it’s automatic, clutch and duck motorbikes, there must be lots of cables, and it’s better to check all the cables.

Electrical cables, brake cables, clutch cables, all of this must be checked. If something has begun to peel, it’s good to replace it with a new one. Cables related to electricity Taruhan Basket Android especially, if the electrical cable is problematic, it can cause the motor to short or not turn on. Brake cables must also be checked whether they can still function or not, if you don’t check them, they will be dangerous, right ?

Chain or V-belt

The function of the chain or v-belt on the motor is to connect the engine to the gear. The machine will rotate the chain or v-belt which then the motor will move. Many motorbikes now have many who adapt the V-belt. But there are still others who still use chains as drivers.

For those of you who use chains, there are times when you have to check the condition of the motorcycle chain. If it has rusted badly, it’s better to replace it with a new one. The chain that has rusted has a high probability of breaking up. For those who use v-belt, check if there are cracks or cracks? If so, it is recommended to be replaced with a new one.

Of course this is very important considering it’s not funny if your trip is interrupted if the chain or v-belt on your motorbike suddenly breaks up right ?.

Air Filter

The air filter plays a major role in filtering the air entering the engine. The air filter will filter dirt from the air, so that the air entering the engine, lacks dirt. If there is dirt coming in, the combustion process will experience interference. Every motor must have an air filter part.

What is pr is to find where the air filter is located because the location of the air filter of each motor is different. Before going touring, this air filter must be removed and cleaned. Air filters can be cleaned using gasoline or water. Before washing, the dust that is attached to the air filter is blown using the wind compressor, just cleaned using water / gasoline. After that, wait until it’s dry.


I don’t know how much liquid is in the motorbike, and everything must be checked. Especially if you want to drive far, make sure all the liquid of the motor is filled and nothing is lacking. For example, gasoline, before going riding far, check the gas tank whether it is still filled or not. Try to fill the gas tank full night before leaving so that you don’t bother in the morning.

Besides gasoline, there are still some liquids that also fill the motor. For example, there are engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid, and radiator water. All of them must be examined. Engine oil helps keep the engine from being hot and does not wear, gear oil is the same. Brake fluid serves to lubricate metal components that rub against each other to stop the vehicle’s speed so that the metal does not wear out, is heat resistant, and does not change shape at high temperatures. The radiator water serves to cool the engine.


The next ritual you have to do with your motorbike is to check all the lights on the motorbike. Make sure all lights can function properly. Be it headlights, dusk lights, remote lights, turn signal, and brake lights. You will not only drive during the day, there is a possibility that night is still riding a motorbike.

Not only do you check whether all the lights can turn on or not, you also have to see if your lights can dazzle the eyes of other drivers or not. Lights that can dazzle the eyes are dangerous. Lights that are too bright can make other drivers’ eyes glare. Eyes that glare for just a few seconds, can threaten the lives of others and maybe ourselves.

Brakes and Tires

Every vehicle must have a brake. If there is no brake, how can the vehicle stop. Before touring, check the condition of the brake whether it is still good or not. Brakes that function properly certainly make you feel calm. Brake handles, brake linings, brake calipers, pistons, brake fluid, and discs must be checked.

Make sure the brake handle has been positioned so that the brake position is more comfortable. Brake pads that are thin must be replaced so as not to damage the disc. Make sure the piston can still work properly pushing brake pads. Make sure brake fluid is within the minimum limit. And finally make sure the disc is still in good condition, there are no scratches or has decreased in thickness.

The last thing you should not forget is tires. Before touring out of town, tire conditions must be checked. Tires that have begun to thin out must already have grip that is not as good as when it was thick. There are 2 ways to determine whether the bah is still good or not. First is to look at the triangle indicator on the tire and the second is the tire flower.

At the edge of the tire there is a picture of a triangle that becomes an indicator of whether the tire is still good or not. If the thickness of the tire has begun to touch the triangle indicator, it’s a sign that the tire may be replaced. Second is the tire flower. If the flower of the tire starts to flatten with the tire, the sign of the tire must be replaced. Even the air pressure must be checked. Adjust the wind pressure with the load to be carried.

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