Equipment that must be in the House

Equipment that must be in the House

Either a small house or a large house, needs to be equipped with the name toolkits, tools or tools. With the help of tools, you can do a number of things such as tightening screws, nailing walls, pulling nails, and so on. Therefore, it is important for you to buy tools. summarizes important and obligatory tools or tools that you must have. Anything ?

Emergency Lamp

Only have a home or have a house, it’s important to have this one tool. Lighting equipment, with the help of lighting equipment, we can illuminate parts of a dark house. Or even for lighting aids when repairing a car or motorcycle. Provide 1 or more lighting tools to make life easier.

It was quite easy to find and buy emergency lights such as flashlights. Not only in supermarkets, traditional markets or electronic stores also sell. There are flashlights with batteries, some use electricity. The use of electricity is usually better because when it runs out, we just need to charge the flashlight again.

Monkey Wrench

Maybe you guys don’t know the name of the item above. The object above is the English key. Used to tighten or open a large size screw. If the screw is small, there is a tool that fits more than the English key, which is an ordinary key. New or old house, you must have this one tool.

This basic tool is usually used to repair water pipes. There is water leaking from the pipe, use the English key to tighten the loose screw. An English key that can be set to a narrow width, can make your work easy with no need to change keys. Looking for it can be in a building shop.


Home appliance that looks like a bird’s beak is also a must for you. Tang name, this tool has many variations in size and usability. There are small pliers, there are also large pliers. It’s good for you to have 2 pliers, one big and one small. And look for it, again you have to look to the building store.

For large pliers, you can use it to clamp large sized items. The big tang Basket Sbobet Bank Sinarmas weakness is, when used for narrow areas, these pliers are completely useless. Therefore, there are pliers that are smaller in size. Small pliers are suitable for use in narrower areas. Pliers can also be used to peel or cut cables.


Maybe not all houses will provide this one tool? hammer is one tool that is really needed in every house. This is because with this tool you can repair your own home.¬† At least you have 2 hammers in your toolbox. Because if it’s missing 1, there’s still a backup.

Just like pliers, there are also two types of hammers, one is a big and heavy hammer, one is a small and light hammer. Big and big hammers are usually used for hammering nails that are larger in size. Small nails are better to use smaller and lighter hammers. For heavy tasks such as in construction projects, the hammer used is usually a large hammer, adjusted to the size of the nail which is indeed large. besides this tool can also be your weapon when danger like a robber lurks your home.


We can’t reach every place in the house. Human height has its limits, cannot reach the ceiling of a house that is far above our height. However, if there are lights that need to be replaced or whatever you want to do at a high place, there is one tool that we can use. That tool is a ladder.

With the stairs, we can reach a high area. Want to fix the roof of the house, replace the dead lights or other things, the stairs can help our work. There are also types of stairs, you just choose which stairs are according to your needs. And of course make sure the stairs are also strong.

Here are some tools / tools that you must provide in your home. It looks like a bar that is not important, but it may need to be used at some time and will be a useful tool.

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